Walking Dead Death Rankings (S7 Ep3 Preview)

Welcome back to Pegboards’ Walking Dead Death Rankings!

This week Kevin and Jesse somehow manage to reference R. Kelly, Rick and MortyThe Dark Knight The Hangover and Les Miserables. How did they do it? Find out below.

(Remember, every week Jesse and Kevin will provide rankings based on who they think will die next. The further down the list, the more likely they are to die. They get points based on where the character is on our list. For instance, if Rick dies this week then I will have four points and Jesse will have two points.)

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Click below to see our score. Warning: TV spoilers start now (no comic spoilers):

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Power Ranking Ramblings: Week 9

Here’s the thing. Kevin and I both stayed up late last night to watch the Indians blow a 3-1 lead Cubs win the World Series, and we’re both pretty tired today. The fact that we even got these rankings to you before the Thursday Night Game is nothing short of a miracle. So I hope you forgive us if we don’t even really pretend to offer any real analysis this week. We pretty much spend the whole article giving ESPN a hard time. Without further adieu…


…let the roast begin!

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