Rocky Mountain Low at 20th and Blake

At some point today, maybe even before I finish this column, Von Miller will put pen to paper and become the highest paid non-QB in the history of the NFL. There are some of you who believe the Broncos will ruin their cap and mortgage their future by agreeing to such a deal (they won’t), but that’s beside the point. What you should take away from this is that the Broncos are going to steal all the headlines on the same day that the Rockies begin the second half of their season. And so begins the annual mid-summer transition, where the Rockies will be overlooked when training camp starts and almost entirely forgotten when preseason games get underway.

This is the path of the casual fan or those like me who bleed orange and blue. If you’re a diehard Rockies fan, you have every right to be pissed that it’s the same old song and dance every year. I’m just not sure what you can do about it.

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Compared to 2012, Rockies Are a Mile High by Jesse Schaffer

After the epic failure that was the 2012 Colorado Rockies campaign, my expectations coming into this season were low to say the least. The Rockies did little to shake up a roster that lost a franchise record 98 games and moronically retained the general manager who presided over that catastrophe. Not exactly the wisest strategy to win back the trust of fans who year after year have given the team far more support than it deserves. Two months into the 2013 season, 20 years since professional baseball came to Colorado, have the Rockies bounced back or are they just setting us up for another colossal disappointment?

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