“The Walking Dead: The Game” Review by Jesse Schaffer

The next generation of video game consoles are here, and we here at Pegboard couldn’t care less. Not only are those new systems horribly overpriced and riddled with numerous technological issues, but at this point there are hardly any games worth owning anyway. Meanwhile, there are a bunch of titles from this generation that Kevin and I have yet to play, and it just makes a lot more sense to us to focus on those before we even consider dropping half a grand on a new console. Thus, we are happy to start our own series of video game columns, where we will be reviewing some of our favorites from the current-gen systems. Or I guess they are now the last-gen systems? I know, it’s confusing.

First up: Telltale Games’ critically acclaimed episodic adventure, “The Walking Dead: The Game.”

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Man of Steel: I’m Glad it Didn’t Suck by Jesse Schaffer

I actually saw “Man of Steel” back in August and meant to review it long before now. The fact that I am finally getting to it in December probably doesn’t bode well for my opinion of the film, but in all fairness it just came out on Blu-Ray a few weeks ago so there is still a shred of timely significance here. By now, you have seen the film and decided for yourself if it was worth your time, and if you haven’t then look at this review as a way to convince you to pick it up at Redbox or be a really cheap bastard and just find it online. I won’t fault you either way as long as you give it a chance.

And you should give it a chance. As the title suggests, “Man of Steel” most certainly didn’t suck (setting the bar high, I know), but it also never quite reached the heights that I hoped it would. That’s saying something too, because Superman spends a lot of time flying to and from space in this movie. More lame jokes along with the rest of my review can be found after the jump.

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