WWE Battleground: Ask Not Why the Bell Tolls

Ever since the Undertaker’s undefeated streak was conquered by Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 30, I’ve awaited the Deadman’s future with far more anticipation than I ever have before. When a dynasty comes to an abrupt close, when the impossible occurs, you often find yourself in an overwhelming state of suspense and disbelief. “I never thought it could be done,” you might say, “but what happens now?”

In the case of the Undertaker, what came next was a whole lot of nothing. No appearances. No matches. No references of any kind, save for Paul Heyman’s constant reminders that his client was now “the one in 21-1.” Taker wasn’t even around this year to help build toward his annual Wrestlemania bout, leaving Bray Wyatt to promote the match all on his own. Taker showed up for Wrestlemania 31, vanquished Wyatt and once more vanished into the darkness, leaving his fans with no indication on what his next move might be.

Until now.

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