Game of Thrones Season 3 Awards

Now that you’ve had some time to recover from experiencing the Red Wedding for the first time, I’d imagine you feel mostly satisfied in regards to the latest season of “Game of Thrones”.  Granted, it wasn’t perfect and there were a couple of issues I’ll discuss at length below, but overall I thought there was enough quality content to warrant splitting the third book of Martin’s series in to two separate seasons. Let’s dish out a few awards!

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Game of Thrones: “Mhysa” Review by Jesse Schaffer

Update: Yeah yeah, I’m a little late with this puppy. And by a little I mean almost three weeks after it aired. But who’s counting?

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The Planet Express Crew’s Final Delivery by Jesse Schaffer

Kevin: So you know, Futurama is getting canceled again.

Me: What the hell? Why?

Kevin: I don’t know. It’s a real shame.

Me: That’s horrible news. Why don’t more people watch Futurama? What the hell is wrong them?

Kevin: Beats me but to be honest I never watch the new episodes when they air. I just catch the repeats.

That snippet of our conversation perfectly captures the plight of Futurama, a beloved science fiction comedy program doomed to be forever underappreciated and neglected by network executives. Alas, despite a miraculous comeback, we are being forced to say goodbye to it once again. I don’t want to live on this planet any more!

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Game of Thrones Power Rankings Week 10

Whether you watch Game of Thrones or not, by now you’ve heard about what’s become known as “The Red Wedding.” It’s received a significant amount of national media attention; author George R.R. Martin and several prominent cast members have appeared on a variety of talk shows and I’ve lost count of the people who have said that it was the most shocking or violent scene that they’ve ever witnessed on television. As I predicted, the fallout from last week’s episode has been enormous and it altered nearly every perception about where Thrones is heading in future seasons. It may have had an even bigger effect on the last edition of our weekly (minus a few) Thrones power rankings. I know there’s still the season finale this Sunday, but next week I’ll be doing something a little different. Stay tuned.

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It’s Not Always Sunny in Denver

The Denver Broncos are stampeding through their offseason. The Colorado Avalanche have turned to an old pal to save them again. The Colorado Rockies are beaming with “I told you so’s”. As the summer begins everything is sunny in Denver. Well, not everything.

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Compared to 2012, Rockies Are a Mile High by Jesse Schaffer

After the epic failure that was the 2012 Colorado Rockies campaign, my expectations coming into this season were low to say the least. The Rockies did little to shake up a roster that lost a franchise record 98 games and moronically retained the general manager who presided over that catastrophe. Not exactly the wisest strategy to win back the trust of fans who year after year have given the team far more support than it deserves. Two months into the 2013 season, 20 years since professional baseball came to Colorado, have the Rockies bounced back or are they just setting us up for another colossal disappointment?

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Game of Thrones: “The Rains of Castamere” Review by Jesse Schaffer

There comes a point in every fantasy story when we encounter the following scene – our beloved protagonist comes face-to-face with a seemingly insurmountable circumstance while in pursuit of their goal, and enemies are closing in all around them. With no solution or escape in sight, we the audience fear that the hero is about to meet their premature demise, only to watch as they are miraculously saved by an outside force or an extremely fortunate development. No matter what kind of devilry the villains can concoct, the good guys always prevail in the end. Ho hum.

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Game of Thrones Power Rankings Week 9

Much like the regular season in competitive sports, most of the episodes in a season of television don’t carry much significance. Sure, there are some memorable performances and powerful moments along the way, but those episodes lack the lasting impact of a season finale or the chapter that leads into it. ‘Game of Thrones’ follows this formula to a tee and if the first two seasons are any indication, then “The Rains of Castamere” is going to be a showcase of epic (and likely bloody) proportions. Having read the books I know what’s in store for us tonight and next week, and so long as they stick to the source material it should be a hell of a stretch run. Yes, my expectations are high, (spoiler alert), but that’s what happens when you kill off Ned Stark one year and then give us the stunning Battle of Blackwater the next.

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