When J.J. Abrams Made Star Trek Mainstream

Before 2009, Star Trek was about as cool and hip as a pair of men’s jorts or New Balance sneakers. It wasn’t something you admitted to liking if you ever wanted to get lucky with a girl. As a wrestling fan, I can identify with this. And like wrestling, Trek has a massive cult following of fans who may be unlucky in love but damn it, they are passionate about it and that’s never going to change.

Then J.J. Abrams showed up and made Star Trek… cool? A lot of people who normally wouldn’t have given Trek the time of day, including yours truly, found themselves completely immersed in Abrams’ 2009 reboot of the iconic nerd franchise. This accomplished two things: 1) It established Abrams as one of the most reliable blockbuster directors in the game and 2) Forever earned him the ire of hardcore Trekkies who resented him for altering something they loved in order to make it more accessible to general audiences.

To those Trekkies, I’d like to respectfully request that you give Abrams a break. He gifted us an entertaining movie series that is still going strong to this day and you guys still have all the old films and TV episodes to cherish and worship. Don’t you see? This was a win for all of us!

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The Planet Express Crew’s Final Delivery by Jesse Schaffer

Kevin: So you know, Futurama is getting canceled again.

Me: What the hell? Why?

Kevin: I don’t know. It’s a real shame.

Me: That’s horrible news. Why don’t more people watch Futurama? What the hell is wrong them?

Kevin: Beats me but to be honest I never watch the new episodes when they air. I just catch the repeats.

That snippet of our conversation perfectly captures the plight of Futurama, a beloved science fiction comedy program doomed to be forever underappreciated and neglected by network executives. Alas, despite a miraculous comeback, we are being forced to say goodbye to it once again. I don’t want to live on this planet any more!

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