Mo’ Playmakers Mo’ Problems

Sports fans sure have changed. Before all fans did was cheer on the guys in their favorite team’s jerseys. These days though, it seems that everybody is an armchair GM. It is honestly my favorite part of being a fan. I love to imagine the decisions I would make if it were my team.

Of course being a fan I only have a limited amount of knowledge. I don’t pretend to completely understand all of the workings of the salary cap. And I am no expert when it comes to understanding all of the intricacies of building a roster. But I can pretend and that is what I am going to do here today.

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The State of the Broncos’ Backfield

Disclaimer: Kevin actually had this finished before training camp began, so his analysis has nothing to do with the practice reports from Dove Valley or who had the most carries in the scrimmage today. 

As a kid of the 90’s and early 00’s I grew up wanting to be a running back.  These were the days of Terrell Davis, Ladainian Tomlinson , Marshall Faulk and many, many more stud running backs. Teams revolved around their running back. Broadcast commentators taught us the importance of developing a running game. We then witnessed the importance first hand when we watched Jerome Bettis bulldoze his way into the end zone. Or when we watched in awe as Barry Sanders juked his defenders out of their shoes.

Every year I bought the new Madden game I would start in the training camp mode. I would work until I could dominate all of the running back drills and then I would boot up a new Broncos season and work towards a 2,000 yard rushing season. That is how I knew football. (And that probably explains why I am so horrible at passing in Madden to this day.)

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