Pegboard’s Second Annual NFL Mock Draft

Welcome to our second annual mock draft. Enjoy our lame jokes and infinitely lamer picks. As last year, Kevin and I take on the role of playing GM for all 32 teams and take turns making selections. Kevin had the honor of choosing between the top two tackles in last year’s draft as the Chiefs, so I get to go first this year as the Texans.

1. Houston Texans- Jadeveon Clowney, DE South Carolina:

Jesse: Media pundits and talking heads have been trying to convince us all week that the Texans won’t be taking Clowney here. Don’t buy it. Clowney will join forces with J.J. Watt, causing Andrew Luck to crap his pants and Jake Locker to consider another profession so he doesn’t get killed.

2. St Louis Rams- Greg Robinson, OT Auburn:

Kevin: It sure seems like the Rams really want to get out of this spot. It’s like they don’t want the attention or pressure of picking number 2. Are the Rams insecure and bashful? Are the Rams the team that constantly post pictures of themselves on Facebook tagged with, “OMG we are so bad”, hoping that another NFL team will comfort them and explain that they are just in a tough division and things will get better? Its okay Rams, you are loved.

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