Walking Dead Rankings Season 5 Episode 16

Welcome back to our Walking Dead rankings!  This week Kevin compares Deanna to Roger Goodell, reveals Jesse’s love of Coldplay and decides Glenn needs some hypemen. Meanwhile, Jesse gives credit where credit is due, brings up the cruelest thing a girl can do to a guy and throws in a Ronda Rousey reference.

Remember, we are awarded points based on who dies and how highly we have that character ranked. For instance, if Glenn dies then Kevin will have five points and Jesse will have six points.

Season Score: Jesse 45, Kevin 42

Spoilers below:

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Pegboards’ Favorite WrestleMania Matches: No. 20-11

As an avid wrestling fan, it is my duty to inform you that we are less than 24 hours from WrestleMania 31. As a procrastinating writer, it is my obligation to admit that I meant for this to be up much sooner. I feel like I’ve said that far too often over the past few years, but hey, at least I am getting things up. Progress, right?

Anyway, WrestleMania is well-known as the biggest wrestling event of the calendar year. It is WWE’s version of the Super Bowl, the granddaddy of them all, the showcase of the immortals. I could go on and on, but we are pressed for time. Obviously I am very familiar with the phenomenon that is WrestleMania, and I’ve always wanted to sit down and figure out what my favorite WrestleMania matches of all-time are. After doing so, I now understand why I may never do this again: it takes FOREVER.

It’s important to point out that this is not necessarily the greatest matches in Mania history, because again that is a subject matter. Some matches that you are expecting to see will be missing, others will be ranked too low and there may even be one or two that makes you think, “Seriously dude? THAT match?” Just keep in mind that there have been hundreds of bouts at WrestleMania, my friend, and getting this down to my top 20 was much harder than I anticipated it would be.

So here we go. As good ol’ J.R. would say, business is about to pick up.

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Survivor Worlds Apart Episode 6- Blindsided by Bromance

Come on in guys for my Survivor Worlds Apart Episode 6 Review where I use classic Survivor quotes to assess the latest episode.

Ever since Rob and Amber in Survivor All-Stars (22 seasons ago!), pairs have been notoriously feared. Season after season, numerous pairs were broken up if two people even acted like they liked each other. Soon the pair strategy became far too dangerous and the game turned into a safety by numbers dynamic.

Eventually the pairs strategy evolved. Thanks to the likes of JT and Stephen from Tocanthins, it is proven that the pair strategy can work if the pair is extremely unlikely and if they keep it on the downlow. Think Denise and Malcolm, or Tony and Trish. Sure both pairs started on the same tribes but the two people are so different that nobody assumed they worked together.

So far this season we have seen a reemergence of the fear of pairs. Some pairs that seemed destined to work well together like Max and Shirin, and Rodney and Joaquin, were quickly dissolved before they got a fair shot. Some obvious pairs still exist in the game, namely Jenn and Hali, and Dan and Mike. The show is telling us these pairs are not welcome on the island. Somewhere hidden in the social dynamics there is an unlikely pair that could run this game. Could it be Mike and Kelly? Or maybe Tyler and Carolyn? Hell, anyone and Will? Keep an eye out for this and take a jump with me and I promise I won’t bore you about my bromance with Jesse.

Spoilers Below:

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Broncos Offseason Evaluation: Rebuilding or Replacing?

Before free agency started, I was planning on doing a preview for every position on the Broncos that was about to undergo some addition or subtraction. I made it through a couple of these and was determined to power through the rest, but then a funny thing happened. Teams were given an unofficial window to negotiate with players the weekend before free agency, during which they could discuss terms with players but couldn’t actually sign them. That didn’t prevent a flurry of “agreements” from being announced during that window, as teams were practically backing up the money trucks to the front lawns of the players they coveted and took full advantage of the leeway that the league offered to them.

Once it became abundantly clear that A) the Broncos were not going to be major players in free agency and B) they wouldn’t even be resigning the majority of their own free agents, it just didn’t make a lot of sense to move forward with my initial plan. It’s nice when life provides you with an excuse to be lazy, but I still feel like I owe you guys something after we promised that there would be all those others posts to look forward to. Thanks a lot NFL, you made me feel guilty.

Here is a rundown of what the Broncos have been doing so far in the new league year, and why most of it isn’t nearly as bad as you may think.

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Better Call Saul- “Rico” Review, A Brother’s Will

They say it is about who you know not what you know. Networking is the driving force behind career growth. It is a lot like Survivor in fact. If people don’t like you then you don’t stand a chance.

Sometimes who you know is a curse. If who you know is so great at what they do then you are forced to live in their shadow. Being close to someone who is a big success can hinder your ability to think and act independently. If you see your brother become a successful lawyer then why wouldn’t you try to become a successful lawyer?

Jimmy McGill loves his brother and he has always fought for his respect. And because of this, Chuck is the last thing that is holding Jimmy back from becoming Saul.

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Walking Dead Rankings Season 5 Episode 15

Welcome back to our Walking Dead rankings!  This week Kevin mourns the non-death of a certain character and compares the episode to Christmas without any presents. Meanwhile, Jesse draws some battle lines, makes an obscure Batman reference and changes his opinion on two very frustrating characters.

Remember, we are awarded points based on who dies and how highly we have that character ranked. For instance, if Glenn dies then Kevin will have five points and Jesse will have six points.

Last week Kevin had Noah at 13 and Aiden at 21 while Jesse had Noah at 16 and Aiden at 20. Jesse gains 36 while Kevin gains 34. Season Score: Jesse 45, Kevin 42

Spoilers below:

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Survivor Worlds Apart Episodes 4 and 5: Socially Awkward Superfans

Come on in guys for my Survivor Worlds Apart Episode 4 and 5 Review where I use classic Survivor quotes to assess the latest episode.

Look I am what you casuals would call a Survivor Superfan. I love this game, I obsess over it and my wonderful wife gets to listen to me talk about it constantly. Much like Max it is an unhealthy obsession. Going into this season I was stoked to see fellow superfans on the show. I was positive we were going to witness the best strategic season of all time. Well after five episodes I have come to a few realizations about the show.

  1. It is hard as all hell
  2. The social aspect trumps every other aspect
  3. I could never play the game

Being the gamebot fan that I am all three of these realizations were very difficult for me to take in. I always fantasized of dominating this game if I were every lucky enough to be cast. I thought I understand the dynamics and nuances. After watching so many superfans fail this season I realized how mistaken I was.

You can prepare, study, or even teach the game of Survivor before playing Survivor. It might come in handy at some point in the game. But only if your tribemates can stand to be in your presence. My advice to aspiring superfans, learn compassion, become self-aware and figure out how to get along with people. The strategy and physical opportunities will come. But the true core of this game and life in general is how well you get along with other people.

Take a jump and I promise I will hold myself to a higher standard than a female Survivor blogger:

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