Pegboards’ Fourth Annual NFL Mock Draft

Mock drafts are a waste of time. Not only do Kevin and I rarely get more than a handful of picks right (and that’s on a good year), we also barely know any of the players in this year’s class. But that’s not why we do one for every NFL draft.

We do it because it’s fun, entertaining and Kevin likes taking some light-hearted jabs at me with inside humor. You probably enjoy that too, so let’s just get on with it.

The rules are the same as always. This year I’m drafting for the odd numbered picks and Kevin is doing the evens. We can make any trades that we want with our own picks, but must agree on a deal in order to swap an odd for an even.  Continue reading

Step Up: A Relationship Rite of Passage

This probably struck you as an interesting choice for a movie review before you even started reading it, so allow me to put it into context for you. I’m probably not the first guy who was asked to watch Step Up with his girlfriend, but I was probably one of the first guys who had to convince his girlfriend to watch Step Up with him.

My girlfriend is nice enough to watch a lot of comic book films and other nerdy stuff with me, so it’s only fair that I get enthusiastic about watching chick flicks with her. And maybe it’s because the reputation of this series has gone down the toilet thanks to numerous straight to DVD sequels, but she was REALLY hesitant to watch this with me. She was convinced that I would hate it. It took some prodding, but eventually she agreed. We watched it and the following exchange ensued.

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Zootopia: You Can Be Anything You Want

Life’s a little bit messy. We all make mistakes. No matter what type of animal you are, change starts with you. 

My mistake was waiting so long to post this one. Sorry about that, but hey, change starts with me!

I normally find it to be in bad taste when I don’t come up with my own title for a movie review. The whole reason I started doing that was to force myself to try and think of something catchy and original (even if they wind up being dull and played out). So why did I renege on that pledge for a film featuring a plethora of furry animals? To put it simply, I think that Zootopia summed itself up better than I ever could. And what is it, you may ask?

It’s another astonishingly thoughtful and finely crafted animated movie from Disney, with characters that adults will connect with more than their kids.

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Survivor Kaoh Rong Episode 8: Don’t Check Me Boo

Come on in guys for my Survivor Kaoh Rong Episode 8 review where I use classic Survivor quotes to assess the latest episode.

I must apologize for the late update and for pull a Joe (disappearing) for Episode 7’s boring sad episode. But I am back and so are you! And so is another episode of Survivor so let’s get it started.

Alright click below before I start talking to buddha. Spoilers below.
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