Pegboards’ Sixth Annual NFL Mock Draft

Hello and welcome to Pegboards’ Sixth Annual NFL Mock Draft where the rules are made up and the picks don’t matter because we will be wrong 95% of the time.

Just like last year, we have pulled our “friends” Eric and Ryan into the mix to help us throw darts at the mock draft dart board. Why would we do this again, you ask? Is it because our friends added some much needed expertise and accurate predictions last year? Hahaha, no, of course not, it’s mostly because we are lazy (which you can tell by our never-ending lack of updates).

So here’s how it’s going to go, the draft order begins with myself, Kevin, and then it goes Ryan, Jesse and Eric. We were allowed to make trades and, spoiler alert, one of us actually did! Jesse and I will be providing most of the commentary for each pick. We will most likely use our pick’s commentary to praise ourselves and use their pick’s taking some deep shots at their character, intelligence, and overall self-esteem. So just normal, healthy friend stuff.

Without further ado, the Browns of Cleveland are on the clock… again. Just like last year.

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Pegboards’ Fourth Annual NFL Mock Draft

Mock drafts are a waste of time. Not only do Kevin and I rarely get more than a handful of picks right (and that’s on a good year), we also barely know any of the players in this year’s class. But that’s not why we do one for every NFL draft.

We do it because it’s fun, entertaining and Kevin likes taking some light-hearted jabs at me with inside humor. You probably enjoy that too, so let’s just get on with it.

The rules are the same as always. This year I’m drafting for the odd numbered picks and Kevin is doing the evens. We can make any trades that we want with our own picks, but must agree on a deal in order to swap an odd for an even.  Continue reading

Pegboards’ Third Annual NFL Mock Draft

Welcome to our third annual NFL Mock Draft! What we lack in analysis we make up for in poor attempts at humor! This year Kevin will be picking the odds and Jesse the evens. Trades are allowed and encouraged.

1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Jameis Winston, QB Florida St

Kevin: Finally a draft that actually has some talented QBs at the top of the board. Far more interesting than picking between two top tackles. You know what isn’t interesting? Trying to predict Jameis Winston’s off the field behavior. The first overall pick isn’t as risky as it used to be thanks to the rookie scale. So if he messes up off the field then it is what it is. But he is worth the risk. It is a good fit for Winston as he gets to throw to big ol’ Vincent Jackson and hand off to Doug Martin.

2. Tennessee Titans- Marcus Mariota, QB Oregon:

Jesse: I desperately tried to avoid slotting Mariota to the Titans here. I thought that Kevin would bite if I let him know that the Titans were interested in moving back. No dice. Then I attempted to work out a deal with one of my other teams. Nothing came to fruition. Finally, I contemplated passing on Mariota all together and taking someone else. Alas, it was futile. I do think that some team is going to trade up and get him (Cleveland reportedly already offered two first-rounders to do just that) but in this scenario, Tennessee had a chance to land their first franchise QB since Steve McNair. And they took it.

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NFL Mock Draft Revisit

We meant to get this up much sooner than we did (like sometime close to the end of the draft). Hopefully this will be the beginning of a streak of high activity here at Pegboard, but I’ve made that promise in the past and I don’t want to put my foot in my mouth once more. That happens enough on its own, anyway. In this piece, Kevin and I revisit our mock draft and comment on who was actually picked. Most of this stuff actually happened. Mostly.

1. Houston Texans-

Real Pick: Jadeveon Clowney, DE South Carolina

Our Prediction: Jadeveon Clowney, DE South Carolina

Kevin: This is how the draft started, the Texans picked Clowney and Jesse jumped up on the table and exclaimed, “I AM THE KING OF MOCK DRAFTS! BOW DOWN TO ME!” While he popped open a bottle of champagne and sprayed it all over his basement. True story. We then spent the next 8 minutes attempting to pronounce Jadeveon.

Jesse: Only ESPN, the TMZ of sports, could’ve spewed out enough b.s. to make the Texans passing on Clowney seem like a realistic possibility. If Clowney lives up to the hype, the Texans are going to make life miserable for opposing quarterbacks. And I will always refer to him as Clowney, because Jadeveon is just too difficult to pronounce.

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