Denver Sports with Pegboards

When Kevin pitched me his idea of doing a weekly wrap-up for all of the major four Denver sports teams, I thought it was pretty neat. When I realized that we were launching this in February, the undisputed worst sports month of the year, I was a little intimidated. It’s not going to be easy to discuss teams that are inactive right now, but hey, I like a challenge as much as the next guy. Let’s do it.

This is gonna be pretty cut and dry. After the jump I’ll give a brief rundown of each team and what I’m fixated on.

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Denver Sports Weekly Wrap-up

Hello and welcome to our first installment of our Denver Sports Weekly Wrap-up. Here we will discuss the state of our favorite Colorado teams. We will take a look back at what happened in the last week and also look forward to what is going on next week.

Denver Nuggets:

The Week that Was:

The Nuggets continued the miserable Brian Shaw era with some more, well, misery. The Nuggets managed to lose to four Eastern Conference opponents who are under .500. Yup even the Eastern Conference is too difficult for these Nuggets to handle.

This means the Nuggets have lost 12 of the last 13. Naturally everyone is remaining calm.

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Compared to 2012, Rockies Are a Mile High by Jesse Schaffer

After the epic failure that was the 2012 Colorado Rockies campaign, my expectations coming into this season were low to say the least. The Rockies did little to shake up a roster that lost a franchise record 98 games and moronically retained the general manager who presided over that catastrophe. Not exactly the wisest strategy to win back the trust of fans who year after year have given the team far more support than it deserves. Two months into the 2013 season, 20 years since professional baseball came to Colorado, have the Rockies bounced back or are they just setting us up for another colossal disappointment?

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