Denver Sports Weekly Wrap-up

Hello and welcome to our first installment of our Denver Sports Weekly Wrap-up. Here we will discuss the state of our favorite Colorado teams. We will take a look back at what happened in the last week and also look forward to what is going on next week.

Denver Nuggets:

The Week that Was:

The Nuggets continued the miserable Brian Shaw era with some more, well, misery. The Nuggets managed to lose to four Eastern Conference opponents who are under .500. Yup even the Eastern Conference is too difficult for these Nuggets to handle.

This means the Nuggets have lost 12 of the last 13. Naturally everyone is remaining calm.

As the team slowly sinks rumors are spreading that no one on the Nuggets is safe. Some are even suggesting to wipe the house completely clean with the exception of Jusuf Nurkic.

Meanwhile the front office is sticking behind their man in Brian Shaw while also looking to “upgrade” the team by shipping out the disastrous Javale McGee contract to the Brooklyn Nets for the fragile Brook Lopez.

Basically the front office is trying to rebuild the team on the fly and seem unwilling to admit they made any mistakes with the team in the last few years. It should end well.

The Week Ahead:

The Nuggets return home on Monday to face the surprisingly mediocre but still scary Oklahoma City Thunder. They then go back on the road for a trip to LA to face the Kobe-less Lakers, followed by a trip to Milwaukee to face a Bucks squad that is a respectable 27-23. The Nuggets should be thrilled if they go 1-2 this week.

Colorado Rockies:

The Week that Was:

The Colorado Rockies continued their annual strategy of underwhelming their fan base with another mediocre free agency signing when they nabbed Kyle Kendrick for a cool $5.5 million, one-year contract. I don’t know which would be worse, that the Rockies couldn’t convince Kendrick to agree to a multi-year contract or that the Rockies weren’t convinced Kendrick was good enough for a multi-year contract. Either way the Rockies gained another borderline 5th starter to bolster their starting lineup of borderline 5th starters.

The Rockies are looking at a lineup of Jorge De La Rosa, Jhoulys Chacin, Tyler Matzek, Jordan Lyles and Kyle Kendrick. De La Rosa has potential to bounce back this season and as always Chacin could finally reach his potential. Meanwhile Lyles had flashes of brilliance last season. So there is potential. Then again the Rockies always have potential.

Meanwhile the front office is busy selling the fan base on what I call the “Same Shit, Different Season” strategy. New GM Jeff Bridich is proving that the organization is truly happy to sit on the sidelines with crossed fingers and hope that something finally changes. While it is true that the Rockies have been hampered by injuries it is still hard to support a team that is so thrilled with making no changes.

The Week Ahead:

The Rockies are getting ready to begin Spring Training. AKA the only time of the year that Rockies fans have hope.

Colorado Avalanche:

The Week that Was:

The Avalanche went 1-1 this past week with a comeback SO victory against the Dallas Stars and a, closer than the score appears, 3-0 loss against the Detroit Red Wings.

The Avs are currently only 4 points out of a wild card spot. Unfortunately they have played two more games than the team they are chasing, the Vancouver Canucks.

The Week Ahead:

The Avs have a tough back-to-back on the road series against division rivals Minnesota Wild and Winnipeg Jets over the weekend. After that they travel back home to face the NY Rangers on Thursday and end the week with a game at home on Saturday against the Dallas Stars.

Tonight’s game against the Wild is very important because both teams are competing for the final wild card spot. The Jets game tomorrow will be difficult to pull off. After a couple of days off and it being a home game they should take down the Rangers and should easily handle the Stars. If the Avs want to stay in the hunt they need to go 3-1 this week.

Denver Broncos:

The Week that Was:

It is the rare time of the year when the NFL doesn’t have a whole lot going on. The Broncos are preparing for Free Agency and the Draft while Manning is still contemplating his future (he is coming back, I promise you).

Meanwhile rumors spread that the Broncos were getting a new uniform. That has since been dismissed. But theses rumors pop up every offseason so don’t be surprised when it is finally true.

There is also speculation that Safety Rahim Moore is as good as gone and that he will be replaced in house by Cornerback Kayvon Webster. The former 3rd round pick has gotten lost in the mix of Chris Harris, Aqib Talib, and Bradley Roby so it makes sense they want Webster to switch roles.

Montee Ball revealed he started the year injured and he kept it a secret. That injury led to an even worse injury. Ball is looking to come back stronger next year as I imagine he is salivating at the zone blocking scheme of new Head Coach Gary Kubiak.

The Week Ahead:

A rare week of little NFL activity is ahead of us. Behind the scenes will be busy as teams prepare for Franchise Tag designation and continue to scout for the draft.

And there you have it. Join us next week as we take another look back and forward. Let us know if we missed anything in the comments.

-Kevin W.

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