Game of Thrones Power Rankings Week 5

With the season halfway done, it’s become a bit easier to predict how certain houses will finish this thing up. And yes, it’s been reflected in the rankings.

1. House Targaryen (Last week: 1)

Yes, Jorah and Barristan were bickering like a couple of little schoolgirls, but Dany received affirmation from the Unsullied that they are following her because they want to, and not because they have to. That’s enough to convince me to keep the Khaleesi at the top for another week.

2. House Lannister (Lw: 4)

Tywin Lannister may not be endearing himself to his children or the audience, but there’s no questioning his cunning and intellect. The truth is to be a good schemer I think you have to be a bit of a dick, and Tywin has long since disregarded his family’s happiness in order to ensure its successful future.

3. Brotherhood without Banners (Lw: 5)

So what if the Hound escaped the Lord of Light’s justice? The Brotherhood still has Arya to ransom and their leader is immune to death, a combination that has already proven to be quite fortuitous. Plus they recruited Gendry to their cause, and you really can never have enough smiths.

4. The Wildlings (Lw: 3)

Ygritte convincing Jon Snow to break his vows was a great moment for everyone’s favorite bastard. It didn’t do so much for the other Wildlings, who can’t seem to even hold a conversation with Jon without threatening to kill him. Ah well, boys will be boys.

5. House Tyrell (Lw: 2)

Margaery and her grandmother were THIS close to making Sansa apart of their family and securing the north for themselves. When you try to beat Tywin at his own game though, you better act fast or he’ll leave you in the dust wondering what the hell just happened. It appears the Tyrells just weren’t fast enough.

6. House Baratheon (Lw: 7)

The Baratheon’s small bump in the rankings is more the result of the Starks falling apart than anything they did. Though we’ve only had small glimpses of Stannis and Davos this season, so I suppose every appearance those two make constitutes as positive momentum for their house.

7. House Tully (Lw: 8)

You have to admire the Tully’s loyalty to Robb. Even when he makes a terrible decision that decimates the strength of his army, they stand by him. And seeing as it’s been awhile since Robb has made a good decision, it’s no coincidence that the Tully’s have been stuck near the bottom of these rankings since they debuted.

8. House Stark (Lw: 6)

Robb’s inability to keep the Lords who fight for him in line has hurt him far more than his enemies ever have. And even if Robb secures the alliance he seeks with Walder Frey, he’s pretty much back at square one.

9. House Greyjoy (Lw: 9)

The best thing I can say for Theon is that he wasn’t around this week, meaning he didn’t even have a chance to screw things up for himself more.

10. The Night’s Watch (Lw: 10)

That’s also the best thing I can say for the Night’s Watch.

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