“Fast and Furious 6” Review by Jesse Schaffer

There’s a scene in Fast 6 that is so poorly written and acted that I couldn’t help but burst into laughter. I don’t believe the writer’s intent was to evoke humor here; in fact it was supposedly one of the more meaningful parts of the film that was attempting to capitalize on years of escalating storylines and character development. I laughed all the same, and every time the script pumped the brakes on the action in exchange for drama, the unintentional comedy and cheesy dialogue only became more noticeable. If this was ANY other franchise, I would knock it for being a noisy, silly, stunt-filled showcase devoid of any real human emotion. However, this is the Fast and Furious series; it has long since fully embraced that identity and doesn’t pretend to be anything else. To go into this expecting to see a deep, thought-provoking summer movie would be akin to going to a strip club in order to meet a girl you can take home to mom.

After pulling off a successful heist in Fast Five, Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel) and co. are all enjoying the fruits of their labor in different places of the world and are content with being outlaws. That is until Luke Hobbs (The Rock) reveals that another group of criminals who specialize in driving cars really fast took down a military convoy, led by Owen Shaw (Luke Evans) and Dom’s recently deceased girlfriend Letty (Michelle Rodriguez), who apparently isn’t dead after all. They also stole a high tech computer chip, so Hobbs demands that Dom reassemble his crew and assist him in taking Shaw down, but in return Brian O’Conner (Paul Walker) wants full pardons for everyone involved so they can return to the United States. Hobbs begrudgingly agrees and Dom sets out to try and find out why the hell Letty is still alive.

Again, it’s not your most complex summer blockbuster, but that’s not the point. Fast 6 follows a very basic formula: introduce a situation, conjure up the most impossible race or fight you can think of, break the tension with some timely humor, then lather, rinse, repeat. Every once in a while it’s nice to turn your brain off and suspend your disbelief, and in doing so I found Fast 6 to be an entertaining action romp. I think it’s important to mention that although the stunts were rapidly paced, I never found it difficult to tell what was going on, a la Transformers. You can tell the actors just had an absolute blast filming this and while story wasn’t high on the priority list here, I thought it did a satisfactory job of tying in to the other movies in the series, so I have to at least give it some brownie points for that. And did I enjoy this movie a bit more than I should have solely because The Rock is in it? You bet your candy ass I did!

Typically I would go a bit further in my analysis, but you already know what you’re going to get so what’s the point? If you aren’t a fan of this series, Fast 6 isn’t going to do anything to change your mind and you may as well spend your hard-earned money on a six-pack. However, if you’re just looking to unwind and are drawn to anything with ridiculously fast cars, testosterone-fueled entertainment and hot chicks, then Fast 6 is the perfect movie for you.

Jesse’s Rating: 8/10 

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