Walking Dead Rankings Season 4 Episode 5

Here at Pegboards, we strive to give you constant and consistent content. Our goal is to satisfy our reader’s insatiable thirst for random blogger’s opinions on their favorite movie, tv show or sport.

So please ignore the fact that we haven’t posted in nearly 2 months. And please ignore that we are starting our Walking Dead coverage 4 episodes into the new season.

With that let’s move into our Walking Deathwatch Rankings. Each week Jesse and I will rank the Walking Dead characters from least likely to die to most likely to die. If a character does perish then we earn points. For instance if Glenn dies this week then Jesse will have ? points and I will have 11 points.

Kevin’s Rankings:

  1. Daryl – Sorry Daryl-haters, Daryl isn’t going anywhere. Wait…Do Daryl-haters even exist? No they do not. Which is exactly why Daryl is safer than an infant on the show. Can you imagine how many people would quit on this show if they killed off our favorite crossbow ass kicker?
  2. Judith – Little Ass Kicker! By a show of hands, how many of you want to see Daryl kidnap Little Ass kicker and run away with Carol so that they can raise the girl to be Big Ass Kicker? Wouldn’t a season of, “The Walking Ass Kickers” be far more entertaining than season two of “The Walking Dead”?
  3.  Beth – This is a bit late but I found it amusing that in the first episode of this season the writers finally gave Beth more than a singing voice. They gave her a boyfriend! Alright finally there is going to be a story line involving…oh wait…her boyfriend died after like 2 minutes of screentime. So what do we do with Beth now? Let her sing some more while giving cold life advice to her older sister? Alright that sounds good.
  4. Carl – Call me crazy but Carl is actually getting less annoying am I right? He lost the sheriff’s hat but gained back his gun. I suppose Carl could be an easy “surprise” kill but that would only lead to more scenes of Rick losing his mind while questioning his ability to be a leader. And nobody wants to see that.
  5. Maggie – My theory of, “Maggie will live forever because she is the only hot girl on the show” is still going strong! If another young lady appears out of nowhere then, and only then, should Maggie watch her back (and keep an eye on Glenn!).
  6. Michonne – Michonne’s revenge on the Governor story seems to have taken a back seat for now. She is now smiling and reading comic books. It is refreshing to see another side of her. She is safe until the Governor reappears.
  7. Rick – I probably should have Rick even lower because he should be safe for a long time. I mean he is the star of the show right? In a Jack Shepard kind of way? Oh hey look at that. A reference that Jesse won’t understand because he hates Lost. Why? Apparently sci-fi shows that build great characters and keeps the viewer on his toes with twists and surprises and has movie-quality directing every episode is not his thing. And yes I don’t watch Game of Thrones and yes I see the irony.
  8. Carol – I never would have expected Carol to live this long. I never would have expected that I would be happy that she has lived this long. Carol has transformed into quite a character. She went from an abused wife to knife bearing ass kicker. She lost her daughter but she has managed to keep her sanity. She taught children how to protect themselves and tried to burn away a big problem. It was difficult to see Rick send her away and I believe his decision will divide the group (before you chase after her Daryl, don’t forget Little Ass Kicker!). While being alone is a very dangerous position for her to be in, I don’t see a zombified Carol in the near future. She has come too far to die alone. We will see her again soon.
  9. Lizzie – Who? Carol’s newly adopted (and newly abandoned, hey life is tough being a kid in a world of zombies) daughter! Of course she should be around until Carol comes back. Or until they reunite somehow. But I don’t see her lasting the whole season.
  10. Tyreese – Oh who knows? Tyreese is basically a summation of my frustrations with this show. I want to love Tyreese. I want the writers to make me love Tyreese. But they are failing so far. And yet every week I hold out hope. Unfortunately he has taken a few steps back this season. He obviously has a death wish so I put him near the bottom just in case.
  11. Glenn – Another difficult decision. I see Glenn as a very important character and I highly doubt he is going anywhere. But he has the mystery disease. It would be a terrible way for a beloved character to go but the show does a lot of terrible things.
  12. Bob – Can’t a guy get a drink during the zombie apocalypse? Not around Daryl the Bouncer who isn’t afraid to get in your face about it and make you feel shame. Next time I go to a bar I will be subconsciously looking around for a guy with a crossbow before I take a shot. I foresee Bob meeting his end soon but not before his alcoholic narrative reaches a conclusion. He still has time to clean up his act and die a hero. That won’t happen for a few episodes.
  13. Sasha – She has caught the Zombie Pig Flu and someone else has to die from it right? I would guarantee her death if it didn’t lead to Tyreese losing his mind some more. I am not sure he could handle it. But just in case she is near the bottom. The Zombie Pig Flu is no joke.
  14. Dr. S – He too has the Pig Flu. I almost put him at the bottom of the list but I have a better narrative in mind. Herschel is old and down a leg. Yet he is the group’s only person resembling a doctor. Wouldn’t it be poetic is the old, gimpy doctor sacrificed himself to save the new young (real) doctor? It would be a hero’s exit for someone who has been knocking on death’s door for a while now. He is not only saving one life by saving the doctor, he is probably saving many future lives in the group. So Herschel saves Dr. S who saves Glenn, Lizzie and maybe Sasha while Herschel meets his end. It seems right to me.
  15. Herschel – If Herschel survives the Zombie Pig Flu then I will never put him at the bottom of my rankings again. He would be invincible like a superhero. He would have nine lives like a cat. If Herschel survives then I will call him Super Cat forever. And no one wants that.

Jesse’s Rankings

  1. Daryl – There comes a point in every show’s run where you can’t imagine how it could continue without a certain character. For The Walking Dead, that character is Daryl, who at this point has achieved legend status as both an expert survivor and the Zombie Apocalypse’s no. 1  heartthrob. He’s not going to like Rick’s decision to banish Carol, but with all hell set to break loose any moment now at the prison, I doubt he’ll hold it against him for too long. And when those walls do finally come crumbling down, you can bet that Daryl will be front and center in the group’s search for a new home.
  2. Judith – It’s been another disappointing season thus far for the toddler who plays Judith, as I have yet to see much improvement out of this underwhelming young actress. Breaking Bad’s baby Holly blows this kid out of the water and it makes me shake my head to think that the showrunners chose this one for the role when there were more established candidates available. All joking aside, I don’t see Judith checking out any time soon, but when they have to leave that prison and her cries bring all sorts of walkers down upon them, I have a feeling she will be responsible for someone else’s death. And that’s just not cool, Judith.
  3. Carl – I was watching Talking Dead the other night and they had Chris Jericho on as one of the guests. Not only am I obligated to mention the fact that one of my favorite wrestlers made an appearance on that show, but it’s also useful here because Jericho labeled Carl as The Walking Dead’s version of John Connor, and I thought that was really interesting. There was a time when I couldn’t stand Carl, his whiny demeanor or his astoundingly ignorant attitude towards walkers, but lately he’s been winning me over. He couldn’t really cut it as a farmhand and was thrilled when he got his gun back, which suggests that maybe it is his destiny to save the human race after all. Hope you’re ready kid, because with Carol gone, Sasha and Glenn sick and Tyreese being a moron, the group is going to need ya when shit hits the fan.
  4. Beth – I wanted to rank Beth a lot higher, but who would look after Judith if she died? Rick is always leaving to figure things out and Michonne can’t even keep it together when it’s her turn to hold Judith. Actually, that was a very poignant scene and I feel guilty for poking fun at it, but you get my point. My concern with Beth is that she’s a bit stagnant; ever since she tried to off herself back in season 2, she just hasn’t been doing a whole lot. They gave her a boyfriend and then killed him off before the credits even rolled in the first episode. If she’s going to keep on living, I’d like to see her take on a bigger role at some point, or at least sing some songs that I know.
  5. Maggie – You have no idea how relieved I am that the writers finally did away with the whole “Will They or Won’t They” storyline regarding Glen and Maggie and just made them a happy couple. Now they are far less frustrating when they are sharing the screen and that means I’ll be a lot more upset when one of them bites the dust. That won’t be Maggie, however, as they still need her to keep the interest of young male viewers when zombies aren’t getting taken out.
  6. Michonne – Talk about characters who used to be frustrating. Michonne has always been a legit bad ass with that sword, but whenever she was pressed for help or information, she just locked up and stood there all stone faced. She’s much more pleasant these days and gets along well with everybody, but what really grabbed my attention was that scene with Judith. I already mentioned how moving it was and I think it gave us a quick peek behind the curtain, where a whole bunch of great exposition regarding her character hopefully lies.
  7. Carol – If there had been a pool at the start of this show where you could bet on which female character from the original group would survive the longest, what would the odds have been for Carol? 500 to 1? 1000 to 1? Thank god it was her who stuck around this long and not Lori or Andrea, who no one misses at all. Oh wait, Rick kicked Carol out of the group too? Well shit, so much for that. There’s a great moment in “The Walking Dead: The Game” (a game that Kevin still hasn’t played because apparently he hates involving, poetic and thrilling narratives that grant you the freedom to control the story and waste walkers) that closely mirrors the scene between Rick and Carol, and the whole time I was thinking of what I would decide if I were in Rick’s shoes. Sorry Carol, but I would’ve locked the car doors too. I do agree with Kevin that we haven’t seen the last of her, so I’m not too upset that she’s gone for the moment.
  8. Lizzie – This kid really creeps me out. I’m not sure if it’s because she likes naming walkers or because she doesn’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing if someone turns, but I just do not feel comfortable when she’s onscreen. Knowing my luck, that means I’ll probably have to put up with her for the next few seasons and endure the inevitable Carl/Lizzie young romance tale. It’s already making me cringe.
  9. Rick – It’s funny that Rick took it upon himself to decide what to do with Carol, because didn’t he recently give us a long speech about how tired he was of his “Ricktatorship?” Inconsistent character moments aside, I honestly don’t know how much longer Rick can persevere in this world. He’s willing to trust and help strangers again, but he also understandably cares more about keeping his own family safe than helping the group. And though I do agree with the decision to send Carol on down the road, not everyone is going to see it that way as she was a valuable member of their society. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, Sheriff.
  10. Tyreese – One day, I will read The Walking Dead comics and hopefully that will enlighten me as to why fans of this series have such a hard-on for Tyreese. This guy is mopey, squeamish and evidently is bound and determined to get himself killed. Just so you know, I would trade Tyreese for Morgan in a heartbeat, a character whose mere presence in the episodes he was in helped elevate them to some of the very best. Maybe Tyreese is a great character in the source material, but that hasn’t translated thus far to the show.
  11. Glenn – Even though I knew I hadn’t listed him yet, it still surprised me to see Glenn wind up this high on my rankings. He’s one of the chief characters and just got married, but this Pig Flu (thanks Kevin) has killed pretty much everyone who has caught it. The writers’ intention could just be to make us fear for Glenn’s life without having any intention of killing him off, which is something that may never happen. Well Glenn, I’m afraid for you buddy, so I guess it’s working.
  12. Bob – It’s nice to see that D’Angelo Barksdale was able to break free from his drug ties and find his niche in the Zombie Apocalypse, even if that niche is drinking excessively and standing idly by while the rest of his group gets slaughtered. Having cheated death twice already, Bob has now put his current group in jeopardy each time he’s gone on a run with them, in addition to pissing off Daryl.  If the walkers don’t get this guy, Daryl and the others might decide to just drop him like a bad habit. Oh, and if you didn’t get that D’Angelo reference, you haven’t watched The Wire and are a sad, tormented soul. I pity you.
  13. Dr. S – I saw a sneak peek for tonight’s episode where the poor doctor is being tended to by Herschel and then blood starts running out of his eyes, which is what happens to everyone who dies from the Pig Flu. Not too hard to guess how this one is going to wind up.
  14. Herschel – I’m probably going to regret this one, seeing as Herschel’s death is an event that has seemed inevitable for awhile now, and Sasha dying is probably a little too obvious. The truth is that we are probably going to be bidding both characters adieu and I just wanted my top three to be a little different from Kevin’s. I will miss Herschel though; he’s basically the only positive, benevolent person left in this show.
  15. Sasha – My hope is that Sasha’s death is the catalyst for Tyreese becoming a more interesting character, and considering the fact that he has already more or less given her up for dead, that should make this quite simple. I mean, not that I have anything against Sasha, but come on! Tyreese’s character arc need this!

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