New Era of Raw Getting Stale?

(Update: Our friend Eric Schreiber is back for more WWE Raw rumblings. He was gone for a couple weeks for reasons he will explain.) 

I decided to group all three of these Raws together with the hope of it getting better, but unfortunately I find myself a little more than slightly disappointed in this “New Era” of Raw. The first Raw after the draft was full of excitement, anticipation, and Surprises (Balor becoming the #1 Contender for the Universal Title and Sasha becoming the Women’s Champ). After such an awesome show, Raw has once again become stale.

I would like to find a way to separate the last three weeks, but unfortunately not one week offered enough material to write on and therefore I will group the three weeks together. I would first like to express one point in which I am clearly beyond frustrated with, and that is: WHERE THE HELL IS SAMI ZAYNE!!!!! The booking has always been terrible, but I assumed with this new era we would also see a new era of booking which is clearly not the case. Four and half weeks ago we saw Sami defeat his nemesis Kevin Owns in what could easily be “Match of the Year” followed by a stellar performance in a fatal four way match the next night on Raw, only to be cast aside the next three weeks and not even given a match at the second largest PPV for WWE. This is uncalled for in my opinion and goes to show that there may be new faces in WWE, but there is nothing “new” about them.

Now that I have that off my chest, I can discuss some of the highlights over the last few weeks. First I can comfortably say that I appreciate WWE demoting Reigns to the US Title picture (though this would be a good spot for Sami), so that he is annoyingly in the main event for the time being. This can also add some credibility to this title, and I must admittedly say that Reigns and Rusev had a good match this past Raw, which surprised me.

Sheamus and Cesaro seem as though they are being forced in order to appear on the show and appease them. Clearly they could have been more prominently featured on Smackdown Live, especially with the Cruiserweight division coming to Raw. These two, along with Jericho and KO, I feel can be better used, but it almost seems as though WWE doesn’t know what to do with them.

Finally, I will end on a positive note. I do love the tag team division thus far on Raw. Enzo and Cass are by far two of the most amazing people on the mic, and they have simply been made better in their feud with JeriKO. They’re funny, they’re energetic, and they’re engaging. They remind me a lot of some of the Attitude Era promos. I still love the New Day, though I feel like their chemistry is not quite the same without Big E, which if they are suggesting a break up and Big E going solo, that will be interesting. The Club is probably the highlight of the New Era tag teams and I love their heel personas. I will predict them winning the tag titles this Sunday for sure. And finally, it looks as though they are moving in the direction of splitting up The Dudley Boys, which will be good, however will clearly take TV time away from the New Era guys (Sami haha).

That does it for me, and just like WWE, I know I’m leaving guys out.

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