The Champ of an Era by Jesse Schaffer

I had been prepping this post for a few days. With free agency starting, I knew that a decision on Champ Bailey was coming and that there was no way that he would be retained with his $10 million salary. Originally, I was going to discuss the avenues the Broncos could take in order to keep Champ around for a while longer and decrease the cap hit that he would have. There were ramifications for all of these options, but I was confident that the two sides could find common ground and reach a compromise. But the Broncos weren’t waiting for my opinion. They weren’t waiting for anybody, and in the end, they pulled the trigger and cut ties with one of the most accomplished players in franchise history.

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Remedies for the Super Bowl Hangover by Jesse Schaffer

Today is the last day of the NFL Combine and you know what that means; we’ve just been subjected to endless amounts of drills, 40-yard dash times and everyone going bonkers over Michael Sam, most of which none of us will care about when next season starts. Sam is a big deal right now, and I applaud his bravery and the way he’s handled himself in the media, but once he’s drafted he’ll just be another player. That’s what he would prefer anyway I’m sure and that’s how teams are going to treat him. We do live in the year 2014, after all. Back on subject, this is also the time of the year when teams start devising their plans for the off-season and commence putting it into action. Here at Pegboard, we love trying to predict the future and figure out just what our beloved Broncos might do to kick their Super Bowl hangover. I’m not going to talk at-length about that game because I have absolutely no desire to relive it. The Seahawks were dominant, the Broncos were dreadful and I’ll just leave it at that.

The defending AFC Champions will be good enough to contend once more next season, but here are five steps they can take this off-season to ensure that the conclusion will be more satisfying.

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