Pegboards: Allow Us to Re-introduce Ourselves

“You really should think about doing it.”

The story behind the formation of Pegboards isn’t really that unique, nor is it particularly exciting. Why would anyone want to know how a blog that is as inactive as this one came to be? More importantly, why would I want to write about that? The answer is a cliche, but an appropriate one: sometimes you have to go back to move forward.

It was 2013 and I was attending a psychology workshop at Auraria Campus. Seeing as it was spring break and the last place in the world I wanted to be was school, I was feeling a little out of sorts. This sensation only heightened when I got a text message from Kevin that revealed those words. “You really should think about doing it.” This was preceded by numerous other texts all containing a similar message. At that time, Mile High Report was hiring new writers to cover all things Broncos and Kevin was trying to talk me into applying. I resisted. He persisted. We both insisted!

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