Star Wars: A Little Late to the Party

Part of the problem with running a blog at the expense of your free time, and not getting paid to do it, is that it’s hard to be timely. Everyone and their mother had done a spoiler discussion for The Force Awakens already, but here we two months later finally getting around to our version. Do we add anything that you haven’t heard before? Maybe not, but we had fun doing it so hopefully you have fun reading it.

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“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” Review

I thought it was a bunch of mumbo-jumbo. A magical power holding together good and evil? The Dark Side? The Light? The crazy thing is, it’s true. All of it. The Jedi? They’re real. 

There are some things in life that are indescribable. One of the most endearing effects that a movie can have on us is how they make us feel, for that is how we truly measure what they mean to us and how much we enjoy them as an audience. Maybe that sounds a little corny, but being corny is one of the time-honored traditions in Hollywood. The frenzy that surrounds the release of a new Star Wars movie is another one.

As I sit here and at long-last share my opinion on Star Wars: The Force Awakens, it’s important to keep this in mind. I will analyze and critique the film to the best of my ability, but one thing I could never do justice to is describe the overwhelming feeling of joy I had while once more returning to a galaxy far, far away. It’s more than just nostalgia or the emergence of my inner-child. It’s the kind of feeling that takes place when you are experiencing something you know that you’ll remember forever, and so I could never accurately convey to you in words what that’s like. You just have to live it for yourself.

I lived it. I still have the smile on my face to prove it.

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A New Hope for Star Wars

This is a big weekend people. The future of Star Wars is at stake. I’m not talking about whether the film will be a box office smash. Why, that already happened in a flash!

Instead, I pose a simple question: can this new entry to a classic franchise resonate with people as thoroughly as the original films did? More importantly, will the new characters make us glad that we get to relive our childhood innocence once more and prevent the film from succumbing into an overhyped nostalgia trip?

The answer? We’ll see.

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