Denver Sports Weekly Update with Pegboards: 2/20/15

Another week of Denver sports is in the books. Let’s look at the week gone by and the week ahead.

Denver Nuggets:

Despite the All-Star Break, the Nuggets were plenty busy. While no games were played the Nuggets had their hands full making trades.

They shipped off Arron Afflalo and Alonzo Gee to the Portland Trailblazers for a 1st and 2nd round pick plus Thomas Robinson (who was bought out soon after), Victor Claver and Will Barton.

They then shipped off JaVale McGee and his large contract plus a 1st round pick to Philadelphia. Both moves netted the Nuggets with $19 million in trade exceptions and saved the Nuggets some cap space for next season.

This move signifies a sign of defeat for the season from the front office. The bigger news is who didn’t get traded, including Ty Lawson who was rumored to be going to Indiana for Brian Shaw’s old pal George Hill. The Nuggets held onto Lawson who is expected the be the nucleus of the incoming rebuild.

I think the moves had to be done despite them not netting any players of value in return. The Nuggets freed up some cap space and have plenty of draft picks to work with in the coming seasons. It is a small step in the right direction.

The Nuggets play four games this week including tonight at Milwaukee, followed by Sunday at OKC and two home games against Brooklyn and Phoenix. I expect the Nuggets to go 1-3 this week with the lone win against Brooklyn.

Denver Broncos:

February in the NFL is like a month of high school. It is full of rumors and people talking bad about other people.

The Broncos have had plenty of that. Peyton Manning has a Favre-esque will he or won’t he retire rumor mill swirling around him. Meanwhile other Broncos free agents are pleased with how the front office is handling it’s business.

The only things we are pretty sure about is that Julius Thomas will test free agency, Terrence Knighton wants to stay a Bronco but the Broncos might not want him, Demaryius Thomas will get franchise tagged if they can’t agree on a long term contract and the coaching staff and Elway wants Manning back.

Colorado Avalanche:

The Avs snapped a 4 game losing streak by beating the Dallas Stars followed by a victory against the Phoenix Arizona Coyotes. They then fell to the LA Kings in a game that was better than the score indicates.

They are in Chicago tonight, followed by a visit from the Lightning on Sunday and then a visit to Nashville on Tuesday. At this point in the wild card race every game is a must win for the Avs.

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