Survivor HHH Episode 2 Winners, Losers and Hot Takes

Hello and welcome back to our coverage of Survivor: Triple H!

Yes this is the place to come find out who the “Winners” and the “Losers” are of each episode. I’ll even throw in some “Hot Takes” to keep your interest.

Apologies for the late, and brief, arrival this week. I will get episode three’s review out quicker this week.

Take the jump and find out what my Winners, Losers and Hot Takes are of the second episode of Survivor 35. Spoilers below.


Being a Nice Guy- Poor Cole Medders. He’s just a nice, strikingly handsome, guy looking for love in the wrong places and helping Joe look for the idol in the right place.

Wait, why am I feeling pity for such a kind, good looking, young white male? Just because he’s too young for Jessica? And just because he handed an idol to Joe “I can’t help but look like the villain of the season” Mena? Is it because he’s too distracted by being a gentleman to win the game of Survivor?

Yeah sorry Cole, you’re not going home a millionaire but at least everyone seems to like you.

Redheads- Our resident redhead had a rough outing this episode. He seems goofy and fun loving which is great…for a wedding. Not so much for Survivor. Also according to the preview, Lauren is going full South Park on our ginger friend this week.

Split Votes- I have an idea, put your analysis glasses on and do your best Chrissy impression. Below are the two vote outs this season, do you see a trend?

  • Katrina 5-1
  • Simone 5-1

It’s tough to spot. In fact I only noticed because like Chrissy, I too am a financial analyst. But if you look real close it’s easy to see that the first two boots were unanimous. I have a feeling this trend is going to hold up this season.


Power Couples- Ryan and Devon, Cole and Jessica, Cole and Joe, Chrissy and Alan, I mean Chrissy and Ashley, dammit I meant Chrissy and JP, wait wait, it’s Chrissy and Ben. Yeah that’s right.

Edit- Episode one of the season was something I wouldn’t really want to show my non-Survivor fans. Episode two though? Throw up three fire emojis because this was a helluva good episode of Survivor.

We got to see the Hustlers get fleshed out. We got to be intimate with Lauren, Ali, Ryan and even Simone who was given a full season story arc in 40 minutes (had doubts she could do this, proved to herself she did, until she didn’t). We got an idol hunt with Cole and Joe. We saw some hints of a showmance. We got wild antics from Patrick. We even got some analytics from Chrissy. This episode was pure character building and by the end of it I found myself rooting for half the cast. Good job editors.

Chrissy- Damn girl, look at your strategic chops. I loved the scene of her analyzing her tribe mates while she was searching for her JT to her Fishbach. It’s scenes like that, where we get a deep look into how someone is viewing the game, that tells me Chrissy is in this game for the long haul.

Hot Take

Joe is in a bad position. Joe has an idol, Joe has an enemy, Joe has the tribe thinking his enemy has the idol. He should be in a good position right? Wrong. I sense a strong lack of a social game from Joe. He might be Tony-esque in his idol hunting and his looks but Tony had something Joe doesn’t seem to have; individual bonds with all of the players.

I’m thinking Joe might get far, but I don’t think he can get the jury votes.


Until next time, I got nothing for ya. Head out.

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