Date Night with Deadpool and MoviePass

My previous experiences using MoviePass have been pretty Quiet because I’ve gone Solo (SEE WHAT I DID THERE?!). Which, if you read my reviews, helped create fun and memorable experiences. It was also really easy to use MoviePass which helped justify me going alone. MoviePass is a great tool that encourages you to see as many movies as possible even alone. However, try using it on a date or with a group of people and you might run into issues.

My date to Deadpool 2 did NOT have a MoviePass of her own. I know what you’re thinking, maybe I should be more picky about my date selection, maybe I should have higher standards. Alas, nobody is perfect but I schlepped forward and I did what any gentleman would do; I used a gift card to buy her ticket.

Which brought up it’s own issues because it was a Fandango card. So why is the combination of a MoviePass and a Fandango card not ideal? Well let me walk you through both processes, bear with me here.

First, Fandango cards can only be used through the Fandango website, so I had to use my phone, purchase one ticket, choose a seat, enter the gift card number (roughly 800 digits or so), enter the pin number and get the ticket emailed to me. Fine, not difficult. But in conjunction with the MoviePass it proved to be a bit annoying.

With MoviePass you cannot buy your tickets online or on it’s app. In fact you have to be within an Aaron Rodgers Hail Mary (100 yards) of the theater before you use the MoviePass app to check in. Once you check in you can go up to the ticket booth, order your ticket like you normally would, choose your seat, and then pay with your special MoviePass debit card (that took 5-10 business days to get to you in the first place).

Both of these processes means you have to select your seat on one option first and hope the seat next to it is open when you do the second process. Meaning there is a chance you get stuck sitting next to one of those weirdos who sees movies alone (who would do that?!). Not the end of the world but not as smooth as walking up to the ticket booth or using one app to purchase both tickets.

This means using a MoviePass with a date or group of people definitely makes you feel like that person at the restaurant who has ALL of the diet restrictions and takes five minutes to ensure that everything is gluten, dairy, and taste free. Perhaps one day they will introduce an option to connect your Venmo or bank account to the MoviePass app that allows you to purchase a second ticket.

After that lengthy process we settled into our seats and completely forgotten about the pain. And we even missed a few movie previews due to the extended process, so it the end, it wasn’t a big deal.

As for the movie? Well remember over two years ago when Ryan Reynolds and Tim Miller shocked the world by producing a “perfect” Deadpool movie? It was crass and vulgar with brutal, bloody action and filled to the brim with quips and shattered fourth walls that had a formulaic plot tacked on which was easy to ignore because you were having too much fun? Well imagine that movie and add the guy who directed some of the action in John Wick and add a touch of Thanos Josh Brolin, a humanized Deadpool, a guy named Peter, and…well a bunch of fun surprises that I don’t want to ruin for you. It’s as funny, as action packed, and worth every penny to see in the theater. Even if it’s “just” more of the same Deadpool. Someday we might get sick of Ryan Reynolds’ antics but right now? It’s still as refreshing as the original was two years ago.

As for it’s merits as a date movie, it’s probably as smooth as using a MoviePass/gift card combination to pay but in the end it works out fine and becomes a fun memory.

Worth full theater price? Yes even if you don’t have a Fandango gift card from Christmas.

Movies seen with MoviePass: 

  • A Quiet Place
  • Solo: A Star Wars Story
  • Deadpool 2

How much MoviePass has paid for my movies: $30.22

How much I paid for MoviePass: $89.95 (year subscription)

Remaining to Break Even Point: -$59.73

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