Date Night with Deadpool and MoviePass

My previous experiences using MoviePass have been pretty Quiet because I’ve gone Solo (SEE WHAT I DID THERE?!). Which, if you read my reviews, helped create fun and memorable experiences. It was also really easy to use MoviePass which helped justify me going alone. MoviePass is a great tool that encourages you to see as many movies as possible even alone. However, try using it on a date or with a group of people and you might run into issues.

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Let’s Talk About X-Men: Part 2

Alright peeps. Seeing as Logan is Hugh Jackman’s curtain call as Wolverine, it seemed like a good time to take a look back on the X-Men film series and talk about what we liked and didn’t like. These aren’t reviews, per say. We’re not going to rank these things or analyze the crap out of them. Instead, we’re just going to crack jokes and revel in the fact that Jackman has been playing this character for almost 20 years. That’s pretty damn amazing, whether you like the X-Men or not.

We already traveled back to the early 2000’s and discussed the groundbreaking start to the X-Men movie franchise covering X-Men, X-2, and The Last Stand right here. So make sure to check that out to find out which movie knocked Jesse’s pants off (he still hasn’t found them) and which movie we wish never existed at all (hint, it’s The Last Stand).

Next we are going to whip out our adamantium claws and slash our way into the Wonderful World of Wolverine.

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Deadpool: About Time Someone Got it Right

Remember back in 2009 when comic book fans were thrilled that Deadpool was finally going to be in a movie? And then that movie turned out to be X-Men Origins: Wolverine and we all died a little on the inside? But then Ryan Reynolds said we were going to get an actual Deadpool movie and we all backed away from the ledge a little bit?

Well that was almost seven years ago. I was beginning to lose hope that they would ever do the “Merc with a Mouth” justice on the big screen. Even when Deadpool was FINALLY greenlit and Reynolds was all excited about how it was turning out and the trailer looked very promising, I was still pessimistic. This is the 20th Century Fox after all, who just released this abomination last summer. And movies that loiter in development hell for that long rarely turn out to be good.

So how was Deadpool? Well, in short it was… huh. So THAT’S what it’s like to see the perfect Deadpool movie. Radical.

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