Why the Oscars Need Leo More than Leo Needs an Oscar

Leonardo Dicaprio’s quest for an elusive Academy Award has become somewhat of a running gag. Despite turning in one great performance after another and being nominated for an Oscar on a number of occasions, Leo always gets robbed by the Academy. It’s gotten to the point where this is a real conversation that takes place between Kevin and I.

Me: I’m finally seeing The Revenant today.

Kevin: Which one is that again?

Me: Leo’s newest Oscar snub.

Sad, I know. But you know what, it doesn’t matter if Leo gets overlooked yet again on Sunday for the recognition he rightfully deserves. Hit the jump to find out why.  Continue reading

The Wolf of Wall Street Review

(Continuing our look at last year’s best movies, here’s Kevin with “The Wolf of Wall Street”)

I walked out of the theater attempting to understand everything I just saw. The drugs, the booze, the boobs, the money. All of which are concepts that I understand, of course, but the mere abundance was extremely overwhelming. What was the point? Why did I watch this film? Was this a story that needed to be told?

Whatever the reasons, The Wolf of Wall Street managed to spark debate, ridicule and adoration. Take the jump and follow me as I attempt to wrap my head around the failures and successes of the film.

Warning: This review is filled with SPOILERS.

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