Olympus Has Fallen: Wait, Did I Read that Right?

You did. This is not to be confused with London Has Fallen, the sequel to this movie that was released today. There are a lot of sequels coming out in 2016, so I thought it would be fun to take a look back and review some of these older movies in these franchises.

And in essence, that’s what Olympus Has Fallen is at its core: FUN. Here we have a silly, noisy action movie that is surprisingly gripping. My girlfriend suggested that we watch it and was totally into it.

Me: So this is basically Die Hard at the White House, right?

Her: I guess? I never saw Die Hard. 

Oh boy. There may be a series of retro reviews coming your way later this year.

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Better Call Saul- “Alpine Shepherd Boy”

The first episodes of Better Call Saul worked hard to distinguish itself from the shadow of Breaking Bad. The latest episode, “Alpine Shepherd Boy”, on the other hand, felt like it could have easily fit into Walter White’s story.

Although not a ground breaking episode, the cold opening, the slow pacing and the small-detailed character development of the episode really showcased what Vince Gilligan does best.

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