NFL QB Series: Part 1

The best day of the year has finally arrived. The NFL Kickoff for the 2013-2014 season is here and Pegboard could not be any more excited. In anticipation of the upcoming NFL season we are counting down the best NFL quarterbacks going into the season. Our goal is to countdown the quarterbacks based on who we would want as our starter for this upcoming season. We spent many hours arguing over questions like ‘which backup quarterback we would rather have?’ and ‘which former 1st round pick is more disappointing?’ so that you didn’t have to. Some spots on the countdown proved to be very difficult (damn you Tony Romo) so we broke ties with things like upside, consistency and stats. Part 1 is the lower half of the league. It lists the quarterbacks that are serviceable at best. We hope you enjoy and look for Part 2 to come out soon.

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