Romo’s Back Could Support Broncos Playoff Run (or it Could Break by August)

Ah, the NFL offseason. Where the rumors are rampant and the desperation even more so. If your team is active in free agency and loves making big splashes, then the start of the league year is like a second Christmas. For us Broncos fans, John Elway may as well be Santa Claus, because he usually delivers an assortment of shiny new toys every March. Except last year, but hey he helped bring us a Super Bowl. How greedy are you people?

Anyway, there is one rumor that keeps coming up that I just can’t ignore. That of course is the prevailing theory that the Broncos are the front-runners to be Tony Romo’s rebound if the Cowboys file for divorce. You never know what will happen with these kinds of relationships, especially in Texas, but it seems likely that Romo and the Cowboys have reached a crossroads. The question of the day is whether or not Romo is even worth pursuing, or if at this point he is just damaged goods.

Let’s be clear on one thing: signing Peyton Manning was as good as punching an annual ticket for a first-round bye, and clearing a path to the Super Bowl. Signing Tony Romo is more like scheduling your annual eye-exam a year in advance, but then that appointment comes around and it’s not that great of a fit for you anymore. You may not have liked that joke very much (stay with me, I’m warming up), but you can at least agree with me when I say that there is a very clear difference between bringing in the Sheriff and bringing in a guy that probably dresses like one.

So here’s what I’m going to do: I’ll gave you three reasons for why signing Tony Romo would be beneficial for the Broncos, in my humble opinion, and three reasons for why it would make me extremely nervous. You with me so far? Okay, let’s do it.

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NFL QB Series: Part 1

The best day of the year has finally arrived. The NFL Kickoff for the 2013-2014 season is here and Pegboard could not be any more excited. In anticipation of the upcoming NFL season we are counting down the best NFL quarterbacks going into the season. Our goal is to countdown the quarterbacks based on who we would want as our starter for this upcoming season. We spent many hours arguing over questions like ‘which backup quarterback we would rather have?’ and ‘which former 1st round pick is more disappointing?’ so that you didn’t have to. Some spots on the countdown proved to be very difficult (damn you Tony Romo) so we broke ties with things like upside, consistency and stats. Part 1 is the lower half of the league. It lists the quarterbacks that are serviceable at best. We hope you enjoy and look for Part 2 to come out soon.

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