Better Call Saul- “Pimento” Review, Brotherly Betrayal

Building a career is difficult. The work itself is probably pretty easy but building your name up to be trusted is hard.

Sure you can spend countless hours studying, working or volunteering. You can have the best skills, knowledge and work ethic. Generally that means absolutely nothing in the real world.

Someone out there has to give you a chance. They have to put their trust in you when you probably don’t deserve it. Call it luck or call it hard work paying off, but you can’t get anywhere without someone taking a chance on you.

For Mike, he forced someone to take a chance on him. For Jimmy, he pushed as far as he could before ultimately falling short. Again.

Spoilers Ahoy!

The big question revolving around Better Call Saul has been, “How does Jimmy McGill become Saul Goodman?”. Originally I believed Jimmy was going to fall into a bad crowd. Once there he was going to do something so unforgivable that he would have to abandon his name altogether.

As the show has progressed I see Jimmy McGill as someone to pity. He is trying to do everything right. He is trying to build his career up morally, with a few minor transgressions. He is putting his best effort out there and the world is shutting him down. He is being pushed towards his edge.

In this particular episode Jimmy brings a big case to HHM. Jimmy believes he will get a big check and a big job. Unfortunately he is turned down for a job despite the case being a multi-million dollar profit for HHM. He walks away from the deal with HHM which would essentially hand Jimmy a giant check for no work of his own.

After a confrontation with Kim, Jimmy begins to question why Hamlin doesn’t want him around. He quickly realizes that Hamlin isn’t calling the shots. It is his own brother who doesn’t want Jimmy working at the law firm. Chuck tells Jimmy that he doesn’t deserve to be a lawyer because Chuck knows deep down that Jimmy is a crook.

Meanwhile Mike is dealing with some disrespectful people as well. He gets hired for a protection job along with two other criminals. After a bit of teasing about Mike not bringing a gun, Mike asserts his dominance by taking out his fellow criminals and doing the job on his own.

After Mike pulls off the protection gig he lays some groundwork for why he and Saul will be such a great team. He tells a newbie criminal that if he continues being a criminal he must do his homework before hand. Both Mike and Jimmy realize how stupid criminals can be. And soon both will realize that they can work together to change that.

The episode ends with Jimmy leaving his brother behind. He tells Chuck that he is on his own. Jimmy drives off and doesn’t look back.

Jimmy could handle being turned down by that schmuck Howard Hamlin. He could understand Kim not wanting to join his basement dwelling law firm. He was even willing to accept a fate of elder law. What he couldn’t handle was his brother’s betrayal.

Once Jimmy found out that Chuck had been stopping his employment at HHM, it flicked a switch inside Jimmy’s head. Jimmy is no longer Slippin’ Jimmy and he is no longer Elder Lawyer Jimmy McGill. His brother believes him to be a crook, well say hello to Saul Goodman, Chuck.

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