The Walking Dead Season 5 Part 2 Review: Chocolate Covered Zombies

The Walking Dead is like a box of chocolates. No this isn’t Forrest Gump reviewing The Walking Dead. This is Kevin catching your attention with a unoriginal hook.

As I was saying, The Walking Dead is like a disgusting, undead box of chocolates. Not so much because you never know what you’re gonna get. More so because if you keep eating you will eventually find something you like.

Oh yes, we Dead fans have been through a lot. We started off lucky and got a pure milk chocolate piece in season one. It was sweet and familiar. It was something we have had before but it was just plain good.

Then we moved onto season two and the farm where we pulled a caramel chocolate piece. It felt like it was never going to end even after we finished it.

Season three was like a coconut chocolate. While technically chocolate the core of the candy leaves a funny taste in your mouth. You feel a bit betrayed but you trudge on anyway.

And in season four we get a cheery creme filled chocolate. Messy and all over the place.

Finally season five comes around and we get our hands on that bitter yet sophisticated taste of pure dark chocolate. It’s more indulgent than the milk chocolate variety but is an acquired taste. It’s darker, more pure, more real and better than you could have imagined.

Take a jump, be wary of the spoilers, and I promise this metaphor will end soon.

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Walking Dead Rankings Season 4 Episode 6

Welcome back to our Walking Dead Death Rankings! Last week was set-up for numerous deaths and we were expecting plenty of blood. As is the norm with The Walking Dead, we were disappointed. Only poor Dr. S perished (Spoilers! Oh, too late? Sorry I’m new at this). Dr. S’ death means that Kevin scored 14 points while Jesse scored 13.

Now that the Pig Flu is over it seems like the group will be pretty safe for a few weeks. Also The Governor has returned! I look forward to his inevitable stare-down-to-the-death with Rick. Here are this week’s rankings.

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