Survivor Second Chance Ballot: Males Edition

I already revealed my female ballot here. Now check out who I am voting for the male ballot. Oh and don’t forget to vote here Survivor: Second Chance.

Take a jump with me to see my ballot as I suck a few kneecaps and pander to the pandering.


Must Haves:

Stephen– There is a movement going on that is trying to convince fans to not vote for the shoe-ins like Stephen and Spencer. To me that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. If we all stop voting for shoe-ins then they won’t be shoe-ins. Vote for who you want out there people!

Stephen is without a doubt my number one vote. I could never understand why he wasn’t brought back sooner. Tocanthins is what refueled my love of Survivor and it was primarily because of this guy. He is smart, quick-witted and a player. He is a giant fan and soon to be the knowingest-knowing-all. I just hope he doesn’t have a giant target on his back. And I hope he at least gets one vote in the Final Tribal Council.

Spencer– Another shoe-in that I am still throwing my votes at. I will admit I loved Tony and Kass more than Spencer but that’s because those two seemed to be playing the game while Spencer was forced to sit back in the underdog role. He was handed a tough circumstance and he did the best he could. I am voting for him because he is a huge part of the online community and I want to see what he can do if he gets in a power position.

Shane– Oh Mr. Powers how long have we waited for this moment? Pure entertainment this guy and we have never seen anyone like him. I honestly believe he could win this game too because a lot of people might not take him seriously. Much like Tyson before him, he can use his humor and arrogance to his advantage and take home the title.

Varner– At this point Varner seems like a legend and not a person. I remember watching him way back in the day. And somewhere along the line since then his story has turned into something incredible. He got screwed because Kimmi opened her big mouth plus the tiebreaker was dumb plus peanut butter. And then he got screwed out of All-Stars and had some rumors attached to him that he spoiled the season. Which is a big lie of course. Either way he is back and he is playing for his sick mother. Come on, get the guy on the show and let him play the game he never had the chance to play.

Terry– I honestly think Terry will suck this season. In his interview he seems aware that he has a poor social and strategic game but he doesn’t seem to have any clue how to fix them. I think the game has moved past him. But I do believe he deserves a second chance. Mostly to show the world how good of a player Aras truly was in his first season. Terry has a lot of hype and I would love to watch him flame out.

The Eh Why Nots?:

Jeremy– You were my favorite going into San Juan Del Sur. And then you became a grumpy gus and it was hilarious. I just want to watch you be miserable some more. Seriously though this guy has some potential and is dying to prove himself. Let’s give him a chance.

Joe– I almost didn’t vote for him out of spite. He is the coolest guy. He has the skills and good looks of Ozzy but without the douche vibes. He also seems very passionate about the show. Let Cool Joe back on and see if he can play under the radar with so many personalities.

Max– Meta Max! Is he annoying or entertaining? Either way he is a character that gets people talking. I can’t even imagine him playing on an All-Star season. This format would suit his superfan ways because he would know how everyone plays the game. He could be a shining star. Or he could flame out again. Either way, pure entertainment!

Vytas– As I stated above with Ciera, I called Vytas being brought back way back in episode one of Blood vs Water. Sure I like his brother Aras more but I still like me some Vytas. He is an unabashed flirt, he isn’t afraid to go for it and he could potentially align with Shane like his brother. He is also a great narrator and fan and he will ensure the season will be an entertaining one.

The Their Campaigning Convinced Me:

Jim– I can’t believe this one. I have gone back and forth on this 10th so many times. But after some deep thought and consideration I feel like Jim is the most deserving based on his campaigning. Plus he is from my home state Colorado. And also, he is starting shit on twitter with people who might be casting a vote in 10 days. I see him as a wild card type. He might flame out early but he will fight until the last second.


Just Plain No:

Troyzan– I don’t know if it’s your nickname or the way you acted on your last days. But I would rather not watch you again. I know you are a passionate fan but I just don’t care too much. Plus I bet production will bring you back another season anyway.

Woo– Hey you are fun and charismatic but you had your big shot and you blew it. You seem like a great guy but I think you did as best as you could and we can all just move on.

Brad– Oh please no. I didn’t want Monica back for Blood Vs Water. I cheered when you got voted off. I just don’t want to bother with your aggressive sleaziness.


Keith– Much like Woo you seem like a great guy. But you had no idea what you were doing out there and I don’t need to watch that again.

Savage– I was all set to vote for you before I saw your video. You came off smug and serious and I instantly remembered I never cared for you in the first place.


Mike– I like you and Carolyn but I have a feeling one of you is a red herring and I don’t want to waste my vote taking that risk. Under other circumstances you would definitely have my vote.

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