Survivor Second Chance Ballot: Males Edition

I already revealed my female ballot here. Now check out who I am voting for the male ballot. Oh and don’t forget to vote here Survivor: Second Chance.

Take a jump with me to see my ballot as I suck a few kneecaps and pander to the pandering.

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Survivor Second Chance Ballot: Females Edition

Oh nothing brings me more joy than pandering. And that is what 32 former Survivor contestants are doing right now. They are pandering, begging, and pleading to get your votes for Survivor: Second Chance. Meanwhile, us the fans are enjoying all of the attention. Maybe a bit too much.

Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Survivor Sucks, and Podcasts have been bombarding us fans with interviews, posts, AMAs, retweets, videos, and campaign photos. We are at maximum overload of Survivor Meta. It is almost too much.

But what good blogger wouldn’t use this time to take advantage of these poor desperate people? And how cool is it to be a Survivor fan right now? This has to be one of the most fun and rewarding things the show has given us and I could not be more excited.

So take a jump with me to see my ballot as I suck a few kneecaps and pander to the pandering. And check out my male ballot here.

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Survivor Worlds Apart Episode 12: The Forgotten Episode

Come on in guys for my Survivor Worlds Apart Episode 12 Review where I use classic Survivor quotes to assess the latest episode.

Before you leave a nasty comment I want to make it clear that there was an episode of Survivor last week and somebody did get voted off! Shocking right? But in between all of this hoopla for Survivor: Second Chance we somehow are forgetting that a pretty good season of Survivor is still currently on!

Now the only question is am I going to pander to the pandering Survivors who want a Second Chance? Am I going to take advantage of their desperation and post an article about who I am endorsing and then tweet it to them so I get some beautiful retweets? Am I really that desperate to take advantage of this giant marketing ploy? Yes, yes I am. Look for that article to drop soon.

Until then take a jump with me, watch out for spoilers and I promise to tell you about my worst birthday ever!
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